No Illuminati is: Prudence Cee, Mr Wang, Ishypop, Justin Demand
All music and lyrics by Mr Wang, copyright Mr Wang 2011, all rights reserved
Outro by AniKiko, (CD only)
Outro lyrics by Mr Wang (CD only)
Tracked by Chris Vallejo @ Linear Recording. Overdubs tracked by Lishan Ang @ Mr T's Studio Residence
Produced, mixed and engineered by Mr Wang @ Mr T's Studio Residence
Mastered by Kathy Naunton @ db mastering
Arrangements for 50 Million: Cat Tether and Mr Wang
Backing Vocal Arrangement for The Fool I Am: Cat Robinson
Drums and Percussion on all songs: Stevie "Sticks" Allison
Guitars on Remake, Just Another Song About Love and 50 Million: Mr Wang 
Guitar on Remake and Just Another Song About Love: Aaron Flower
Guitar Overdubs on 50 Million: Chris "Cowlikka" Cowley
Bass on 50 Million: Simon "Dr Kong" Kong
Double Bass on The Fool I Am: Jay Miller
Artwork by Ammo Bollier

Thanks to:
All the fans who keep turning up to gigs! #1 guys
Tia A Lee for looking after our fragile little egos and being agent / manager extraordinaire
AJ and Baps Robinson for the support and work behind the scenes.
Nigel Chong Sun, Lyssa Trompf, Clayton Ries, Lucy Chen, Adele Moleta, Dan Allars, JUNK, Paddy Cornwall thanks for the gigs guys!
Trevor Parkee, our favourite good time pilot @ 2ser
Sam Joole and Magdelina
Photographers Baps Robinson, Damien De Pasquale, Tom Jarman
Julin Ang, Sam and Wan Ang, Si Rochowski thanks for the support!
Steve Flack for the guidance
Vesna for being a sick cunt
All the bands we have played with, in particular  TCR, Junk, Dan Allars, Go / No-Go, MA, Bonney Read you guys rock!
All the session musos above for their work, thanks guys! 
Ammo for being a sick artist
Anikiko for the secret track
Ads Hoyle as unpaid marketing consultant
Mad Michelle for being a purple unicorn
Tim Wilde and Michelle Cotterill
Cowlikka and Dave Robinson for web assistance
Mike "Metalspawn" Simpson, Dave "d7b" Gordon, Marek "Bocadillo" Panasko for helping with referencing in their studios
Marlo Hoogstraten for his guidance in the studio