ABE's Second Birthday, Surveillance Party @ Hibernian House

Hey Folks!

We've got a massive double header of gigs lined up, and it's gonna be a corker!

We mosey on down to Marrickville's Red Rattler on 28 March for ABE's 2nd Birthday. CatWang will be stripping back and playing some of their more soulful numbers. If you turn up around 6, you'll hear the tunes and see us bring the party in. Anytime after and we'll be parked at the bar like a bunch of bar flies. It's a mainly electronic limeup and Wang will be on the turnies later. Smash a pre sale here. BOOYAKASHA!

Surveillance Party will be hosting the first of their underground warehouse parties showcasing their artist roster on the 4th April. This will be a massive night with silent disco and huge choons! Snag a pre-sale here, they won't last long!

We've been hard at work in the studio tracking our new album. Keep in touch and we may be kind enough to put a preview online! See you on the dancefloor, somewhere, sometime.

Catx Wangx Ishypopx Justinx


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