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Surveillance Party Monthly! 

G'day folks! 

Dust off your dancing boots as we'll be rocking the Oxford Art Factory once again on 3 March 2017! This gig will be in the side room and will be a touch more intimate, but it'll be more of the same No Illuminati flavour! We'll be debut-ing our brand new film clip for "Stardust" as well as showcasing some of our new and old material. 

Join the discussion on facebook and get excited here!  and you can purchase tickets here:

SP head honcho Xan Muller will be remixing our next single "Chemical Reaction", we can't wait to hear him put his unique spin on it! 

Our drummer, Justin Heazlewood will be leaving No Illuminati at the end of the year to focus on other projects. Justin has been with us for a solid few years now, and what a solid few years they have been! Best of luck to the human metronome in his further endeavours... 

We are stoked with the support we are receiving from the Sydney live music scene! Sydney, already a tough crowd to start with has been made an even tougher crowd with the lockouts and anti-fun police dominating politics right now. For this reason we wish to thank all of you who have ever shown up to a gig, danced your @ss of, downloaded our stuff online or contributed to any of our crowd-funding projects! We couldn't continue to make music without all of you, the fans. See you in the front row next time :D

Thanks to everyone! 

We had a great time at Surveillance Party Lockout, we really enjoyed our set and we hope you did too! We were stoked to have the early set and we were pleasantly surprised so many people showed up. We are so grateful for the grassroots support coming from the Sydney music scene for a band with no airplay. It's all you, our fans and the people who we see dancing in the front row at every gig.

Our film clip is finished. Our album is so close to being done we can smell it. We'll be playing some shows real soon, so sit tight.

Thanks as usual to Surveillance Party Massiv (Courtney, Mark and Xan) and Oxford Art Factory for a rockin' night.

Surveillance Party Radar 

Greetings, androids of the new world order! 

Firstly, many thanks to all of you who contributed to our crowd-funding campaign, we couldn't have done any of it without you! We absolutely smashed our target of $8,000.00 with a day to spare. Coming soon will be a brand spanking new video clip, funded by you, our fans! 

Next big news off that rank is that after some killer gigs playing around Sydney's industrial estates we have been booked to headline one of Sydney's best live music venues, the Oxford Art Factory on the Easter Long Weekend, 26th March. This is our biggest gig to date, and we would love to see you all there. Tickets are on sale at the Surveillance Party website. If you enter the promo code "peaceloveunityrespect" you will receive a tidy VIP discount. Booyakasha! Don't forget to click "going" on our facebook event here

Backing us up on vocals will be the stellar La Luz, who has incidentally been spending some time with us in the studio! Check out her facebook page here


ABE's Second Birthday, Surveillance Party @ Hibernian House 

Hey Folks!

We've got a massive double header of gigs lined up, and it's gonna be a corker!

We mosey on down to Marrickville's Red Rattler on 28 March for ABE's 2nd Birthday. CatWang will be stripping back and playing some of their more soulful numbers. If you turn up around 6, you'll hear the tunes and see us bring the party in. Anytime after and we'll be parked at the bar like a bunch of bar flies. It's a mainly electronic limeup and Wang will be on the turnies later. Smash a pre sale here. BOOYAKASHA!

Surveillance Party will be hosting the first of their underground warehouse parties showcasing their artist roster on the 4th April. This will be a massive night with silent disco and huge choons! Snag a pre-sale here, they won't last long!

We've been hard at work in the studio tracking our new album. Keep in touch and we may be kind enough to put a preview online! See you on the dancefloor, somewhere, sometime.

Catx Wangx Ishypopx Justinx